08 Apr 2022

Geology as a vocation

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Geologist's Day is a professional holiday of specialists associated with geological sciences and specialties. Representatives of this profession are always in good standing.

Shalabayev Malik Shahabayevich began his career in the Kazakhmys Corporation in 1997 as an underground worker at the East-Zhezkazgan mine of mine No. 57. For more than 13 years he worked on an underground diesel site, directly in the mining faces he carried out the removal of ore.

Mysterious geology attracted Malik Shahabayevich since his youth, for him geology is the choice of the soul-once and forever. In the 90s, he enrolled in the Moscow Geological Exploration Institute (Moscow) in the geological direction. Upon returning to his hometown – Satpayev, Malik began his career in mine No. 57. Years later, he continued his studies at the Zhezkazgan University named after O.A.Baikonurov, majoring in Geology and Exploration of mineral deposits.

Then there were years of work in the geological department as a geologist, since 2018, on the recommendation of the Chief Geologist Zhezkazgantsvetmet Karabayev Dostiyar Umirbekovich, our hero began to combine production activities with teaching at the Technological College of Kazakhmys Corporation, where he is still a part-time teacher in geological disciplines.

This year, with the direct participation of Malik Shahabayevich, as a college teacher, the third generation of new geologists is being graduated. Thanks to such support from the Kazakhmys Corporation and a new stream of professional personnel, the city-forming enterprise receives new, qualified personnel, and young people get a stable job and the opportunity to realize themselves in the profession.

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