Occupational health
and safety

Kazakhmys Group being the biggest copper producer in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the leading company in the country on mining and processing of natural resources -considers OHS upgrade as one of the key focuses of social responsibility and business sustainability.

Our main asset is people, working to achieve common goals. Therefore, the safety and health of our employees – is the priority task of Kazakhmys Group Executives.

Principles of Kazakhmys

Zero injury

The principle of zero tolerance to injuries at workplace, the basis of production organization at Kazakhmys enterprises.

Managing staff shares the belief that all injuries are preventable, and directs its efforts and investments to the creation of the safest workplaces.

Compliance with international standards

The principle of adherence to the highest international standards within OHS, laid in the basis of OHS-MS system within Kazakhmys Group.

Continuous improvement

The principle of sustainable development in compliance with industrial and global experience, and implementation of modern digital technologies, designed to increase the efficiency of OHS-MS and reduce the human effort within OHS-MS

Kazakhmys Strategy

OHS Management Structure

The managing staff of Kazakhmys is committed to the idea of ensuring safe working conditions, and the employee's health and lives protection. The existing management structure allows establishing targets on each level of the organizing, and allocating resources to implement the measures aimed to reduce the risks of injuries and accidents.

The permanent OHS Committee under the Board of Directors implements the OHS Strategy of the company. The OHS Committee reviews and approves strategic resolutions within the OHS field, forms and implements plans on efficiency improvement.

OHS Committee
The Board of Directors

Setting and monitoring of the goals; prioritizing; resources provision

OHS Committee
Mining and Concentration Complex
OHS Committee
OHS Committee
Fuel and Energy Complex

Monitoring the goals achievement; plan generation and allocation of resources on the level of business.

OHS Council

Hazards and risks analysis; generation and implementation of the measures to reduce the hazards and risks.

OHS Management System

The main functions of OHS-MS are the identification and elimination of potential hazards and risks for the health and safety of the employees within the whole production cycle. The company uses PDCA (Plan-Do- Check- Act) Methodology and a risk-oriented approach to prevent accidents and incidents. The company regularly performs risk assessment, safety audits, accident investigation, and replication of best practices.

  • Identification and assessment of the main risks, associated with dangerous conditions, actions, and technological operations;
  • Development and implementation of remedial measures;
  • Accidents monitoring, analysis, and investigation;
  • Activity results analysis; new targets correction and settlement.


Automation of the risk assessment process and implementation of targeted programs improving workplace safety, eliminating hazardous conditions and harmful factors

Hazard indicator
Improvement of working conditions


Implementation of modern digital solutions to identify risky behavior, staff errors and violations

Warning about the threat of danger
Rules observance


Automation of technological operations and digital solutions for detecting deviations from technological regulations

Warning about the threat of hazard regulations
Compliance with regulations and instructions

We circulate OHS regulations to employees of contractors to ensure a safe and effective production process as well as to reduce the work time loss at enterprises.

Relevant OHS Departments have been formed within structural divisions of Kazakhmys Group to organize and coordinate OHS works. These Departments perform the following work on online analysis of working conditions on sites, risks assessment and methodological assistance to the company divisions on OHS works


The pandemic due to COVID-19 that swept the whole world, unfortunately, involved Kazakhstan as well, and disrupted the rhythm of work of the many enterprises in the country, and the enterprises of the Kazakhmys Group, where the total number of employees, including contractors, amounts to more than 47 000 people.

After the introduction of the State of Emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the quarantine regimen with restrictive measures, a three- level operation headquarters have been entered at the enterprises of Kazakhmys Group. Functions of Operation Headquarters:

  • full-scale preventive and explanatory work;
  • measures to localize outbreak hot zones at the enterprises in cases of detection of COVID-19;
  • purchase and use of protective masks, respirators, gloves and skin antiseptics;
  • strengthening of the regime, disinfection of premises with detergents and disinfectants, and ultraviolet bactericidal lamps;
  • control of the state of health of employees using thermal cameras with artificial mind;
  • 5 calendar days before entering the workers to shift and 5 calendar days before leaving the shift, laboratory diagnostics of workers for COVID-19 is carried out, using the polymerase chain reaction method (herein - PCR).

Plans for 2021

The occupational health and safety management system is the most important component of the organization's risk management strategy. The company has an integrated management system for occupational health, industrial safety and environmental protection. In order to systematically manage risks, we are constantly improving our management processes in accordance with the best international practices and standards. In 2021, a certification process is planned for compliance with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018, which is a new standard for occupational health and safety at the workplace. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization ISO, this standard is the embodiment of the experience gained over many years in all industries of the developed countries of the world. The ISO 45001 management system is aimed at reducing risks to health and safety in the workplace. The standard puts the protection of employees at the forefront of all processes.

In 2021, the company will launch a new online training platform, which will allow mass training of employees in safety management practices and tools and improve the professional competencies of employees. New training programs for critical professions and modern trainings on labor protection will be developed. By the end of the year, more than 6,000 employees will be trained.

This year, it is planned to automate all the main processes of labor protection management. For this purpose, it is planned to introduce a modern information system and a mobile platform that will allow you to quickly manage risks in production, identify hazards and threats. Digitalization of processes is designed to increase the efficiency of the PB and OT management system and move to the seed control of compliance with labor protection requirements and the performance of technological operations.