21 Jan 2022

Kazakhmys will allocate over 100 billion to increase wages and improve the social conditions of employees

Employee support Company today

Kazakhmys Holding LLP annually reviews wages and social package, which in turn allows maintaining the Company's competitiveness in the labor market, preserving and motivating employees to improve both personal efficiency and the efficiency of the Company as a whole.

As a result of the labor dispute that occurred on January 4-6, 2022, comprehensive work was carried out in the development of solutions to support employees, which was attended by representatives of labor collectives, trade union organizations and heads of business units of the company. Agreements were reached on all points of the agreement and announced at face-to-face meetings with labor collectives in the regions.

As part of the implementation of social programs, it was decided, among other things, to pay for the treatment of workers involved in production associated with harmful working conditions and their family members, as well as sanatorium treatment at the expense of the employer and trade union organizations.

The company has been increasing the wages of all categories of employees by an average of 30-35% since January of this year. Taken decisions will be extended to all companies of the Kazakhmys Group.

A decent salary should be an incentive for every employee, and today each of us can make a personal contribution to achieving the leadership of Kazakhmys in the industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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