27 Oct 2021

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The next stage of the implementation of the largest Kazakhmys project in recent years – the construction of the Zhylandinsky mine - has been completed. On October 26, the grand opening of the administrative and household complex of the mine took place, in which comfortable working conditions for hundreds of people were created.

Despite the restrictive measures during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic (since April 2020), under which construction was underway, the work was carried out without interruptions and was completed on time. And so, on the territory of 6.7 hectares, 37 kilometers from the city of Satpayev, an ultra-modern, innovative administrative and household complex has grown – the heart of the new mine.

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Marking the opening of the administrative and household complex, Chairman of the Management Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP Eduard Ogay, his first deputy Andrey Gaydin and Director of Fuel and Energy Complex Management of Kazakhmys Holding LLP Vladimir Dzhumanbayev, who manages the construction project, opened a commemorative stele located at the entrance to the mine, and then solemnly cut the scarlet ribbon at the main entrance. Then, the guests of honor, among whom was the well-known politician Yerlan Nigmatulin, were invited to a familiarization tour.

The visitor's impressions were guaranteed, because in order to create comfortable and safe conditions, the latest developments in the field of structural and architectural solutions were used during construction.

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The administrative and household complex includes: a modern checkpoint, two-storey multifunctional household and administrative buildings, a dining room with 200 seats, a lamp room, a medical office and a parking lot accommodating more than a hundred cars.

The management of all household details is automated as much as possible. Thanks to the software of the dispatch center, all parameters are monitored using interactive mnemonic circuits in a simple web interface. The equipment itself also meets all modern standards. For example, the entire line of water-saving plumbing installed in showers was developed and implemented at the Olympic Village facilities at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

The automated access control and management system of employees at the enterprise is responsible for the security of the complex. Each employee is issued a universal key card during employment. Thanks to it, a person gets access to the territory of the Complex, can open his personal locker in the household complex, pay for meals in the dining room and get work clothes. And after integration with other software, it will become available to undergo a medical examination, record working hours and collect all employee data in your personal account.

Also in the building, in addition to the medical office, equipped with everything necessary, there is a photarium - a phototherapy room for group procedures with ultraviolet rays. These procedures improve the well-being of employees performing work in underground conditions and prevent light starvation.

The celebrations ended with the laying of a fir alley at the entrance to the complex.


The Zhylandinsky mine includes five mines. The production process of ore extraction has already been launched at the “Eastern Saryoba” , “Karashoshak” and “Itauz” mines, and the “Western Saryoba” and “Kypshakbai” mines will be put into operation in the coming years. Now about 650 people work at the mine, not counting contractors.

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