25 Aug 2021

ANDREY GAIDIN: high-quality living conditions of our employees are the key to success in production!

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Creating safe working conditions and organizing the life of employees is a great importance for any production.

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Before and after the shift, miners, concentrators and metallurgists change clothes, wash, have lunch, and some even live on the territories of production sites, working in shifts.

At its enterprises, Kazakhmys creates all conditions for employees so that after working a shift, everyone can feel comfortable. The residential buildings of factories, plants and mines are equipped with dressing rooms, showers, lamp rooms, smoking rooms and toilets, there are health centers, canteens and rooms for processing, storing and issuing workwear. At enterprises where employees work in shifts, separate buildings are being built - the so-called administrative and household complexes, in which, in addition to the above-mentioned premises, there are also dormitories.

We will talk with Andrey Gaidin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, about the way of life of Kazakhmys residents today, whether new facilities are being built and how often existing household premises are being updated.

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- Andrei Pavlovich, how are things in Kazakhmys in the household, and what does the law say regarding the sanitary and living conditions of Kazakhstan's employees?

- Taking care of employees, increasing the level of social protection of the labor collective, participation in social programs in the regions of presence - these are the tasks of the Kazakhmys Corporation of the social plan. And you are right: great importance for creating favorable conditions in the workplace, improving the social status of workers and improving labor productivity has sanitary and domestic support for working. It is clear that living conditions affect even the level of general and professionally determined morbidity of personnel. Therefore, the management of the Kazakhmys Corporation is interested in creating a favorable household environment for employees. The mood of each employee and his production potential depends on the conditions in which they will prepare for work, whether they will be able to eat a hearty and tasty meal and have a full rest.

But, despite this, of course, not everything is so perfect. Circumstances change every day, equipment and premises tend to wear out and collapse. Kazakhmys is a huge company with huge production, human and household resources. And the company's management, realizing this, conducts careful monitoring of the situation of the sanitary and household plan on the ground. Of course, we are aware of all the problems, we keep them under control and are steadily and systematically moving towards their solution.

If we talk about the legislative side of the issue, then the current legislation provides for the employer's obligation to organize sanitary and household provision in accordance with the established norms.

- Andrey Pavlovich, are new household facilities being built today for workers of mines and factories? What funds are allocated for this?

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The company spends a lot of money and takes significant measures aimed at implementing the tasks of creating high-quality sanitary and household provision at all enterprises.

Thus, at the Zhezkazgan production site, as part of the implementation of the concept of shift settlements at the East Sary-Oba mine (Zhilandinsky mine), construction and installation works are currently being carried out for the construction of a new administrative and household complex. The work is currently being completed. The facility is scheduled to be put into operation in the autumn of 2021. More than 3 billion tenge has been allocated for its construction.

In addition, according to the concept of a shift settlement at the Zhomart mine, design and estimate documentation is currently being developed for the construction of many new facilities there. This is a hostel for 300 people and a dining room with warehouses for the same seating. A household building with a lamp room and access to the underground passage of the mine for 1,684 people will be built. It is planned to build a paramedic station, a garage for 1 ambulance, an indoor gym with a capacity of 30 people and an aboveground and ground crossings. The implementation of this project is planned for 2022-2023.

- Andrey Pavlovich, you have just told us about the new construction projects. However, there are many existing household premises at Kazakhmys enterprises. Due to constant operation, they wear out, become obsolete and may become unusable. Are funds allocated for their repair or reconstruction?

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Yes, of course. The management of Kazakhmys constantly monitors the condition of existing household facilities. Even if now there are shortcomings somewhere or there are negative moments, the management keeps everything under control. We approach repairs systematically and carry out repair work according to the schedule. For example, as part of the implementation of the production program for 2021, more than 100 million tenge was allocated for the repair of administrative and household facilities in the Zhezkazgan region.

In particular, today the repair of shower rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms of administrative and household complexes of Zhezkazgan processing plants is being carried out.

Repair works of household complexes are also carried out at the Annenskaya mine, at two mines of the South-Zhezkazgan mine, at the mine of the mine “Zapadny”. These are showers, lamp rooms, offices, sewerage, ventilation and other components of household buildings.

This work will continue next year. The production program for 2022 for the repair of social facilities of administrative and household complexes in the Zhezkazgan region includes more than 400 million tenge.

- What is the current situation regarding sanitary conditions at the Karaganda and Balkhash production sites?

- Repair of existing and construction of new household facilities are included in the plans of the Corporation and at these two sites.

In the Karaganda region, more than 755 million tenge was allocated within the framework of the production program of 2021 to bring the enterprises of the production association "Karagandatsvetmet" in accordance with the norms of sanitary and epidemiological rules.

At present, repair and construction works have already been carried out at 4 facilities, contracts for the repair of 5 facilities are at the stage of approval, repairs are underway at 2 more facilities. Also, the 2022 production program includes repair work on 6 objects.

Among the buildings involved are the household buildings of the Abyz, Kusmuryn-Akbastau and Nurkazagan mines, as well as the household premises of the Nurkazgan and Karagailin processing plants.

There will also be new construction. As you know, Kazakhmys ' production plans include an increase in ore production at the Nurkazgan mine. Therefore, there we plan to build a new administrative and household complex for 1200 seats with a dining room and warm passages near the cage trunk. For the same reason, a new administrative and household complex with 352 seats will be built at the Nurkazgan processing plant. Currently, the design and estimate documentation is under development. The planned implementation period of these projects is 2022-2024.

According to the Balkhash production site, over 100 million tenge was allocated for the renovation of administrative and household complexes, showers, laundries and dressing rooms of the Balkhash processing plant.

We are also planning to repair household buildings on Shatyrkul and Sayak.

New administrative and household complexes will be built in the shift settlements of the Zhaysan and Sayak mines. And on Zhaysan there is a hostel with a dining room. This will happen in 2022-2023.

At the Konyrat mine, it is planned to expand the existing dining room with an increase in seating. Moreover, as part of the project to build an enterprise for processing oxidized, off-balance ores and overburden rocks of the mine at Konyrat, a new administrative and household complex with modern office premises will be built.

- Andrey Pavlovich, thank you for the detailed information, I think that many people were interested in learning a lot of useful things about the social and household structure of the copper giant firsthand.

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I would like to note that we have a lot of new construction and repair projects, which, as I have already said, are included in the Corporation's plans and are being implemented according to the established schedule.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the main goal of all our work is to create appropriate conditions for the work of staff, take care of the health and everyday life of employees, ensure modern requirements for industrial sanitation, which has a positive impact on the performance of production indicators and labor productivity.

I would like to emphasize once again: the solution of sanitary and living working conditions is constantly controlled and monitored by the company's management. Because we know that high-quality living conditions of employees are the key to success in production. These are labor efficiency, staff health and timely implementation of the Corporation's plans.

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