14 Oct 2021


Staff Company today

Igor Vladimirovich Gostevskikh, foreman of the miners of the Shatyrkul mine at Balkhashtsvetmet, is the most experienced miner and an advanced worker, this year he was presented to the branch badge "Kenshi danki" of the III degree.

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Igor is a native resident of the city of Balkhash. In the system of Kazakhmys mining enterprises since 1999. His acquaintance with the riches of the "copper mountain" began with the Sayak mine, with sinking. And from that day on, the young man forever linked his fate with the mining business. After working in Sayak for several years, Igor Gostevskikh transferred as a 6th-grade tunneller to the Shatyrkul mine, where he still works, but already as a foreman. There are 8 people in the famous Gostevsky tunneling brigade - Timur Tailakov, Erik Ergaliev, Salamat Abdirbayev, Baglan Saulembekov, Daryn Tuskeev, Yerzhan Sandybayev, Talgat Baltabayev and Madiyar Kazenov. The brigade is famous, advanced. The guys work well together, always fulfill the plan and give excellent results on penetration.

- Sometimes I am asked the question: why do you need this passage? And I like it! I don't want to go anywhere else. I have always respected the miners' work. I always understood that this is hard work, not for weaklings. And over the years, my attitude to my choice has not changed in any way. I like to look at the result of work after a shift. You drive through the mine and realize that it was done by our hands. Pride is bursting, - Igor Gostevskikh says, smiling.

Gostevsky's tunneling team breaks through the rock layer step by step in order to get closer to ore pastes containing valuable metals. The guys with their foreman understand this perfectly well and work with dedication. Therefore, they almost always cope with the production task: on their steel argamak "Monomatic" they drill up to several hundred linear meters of underground formation.

In production, foremen do not just become foremen — it is necessary to be a very responsible employee who will be able to organize people, correctly place specialists on tasks and monitor their implementation. Igor Gostevskikh is such a person. He's a responsible guy, and he's good at organizing others. Reliable, you can trust him. In addition, Igor himself is very disciplined, has no bad habits. And everything is fine in his family, which is also important. The guys from the brigade are well aware of the capabilities of their foreman, because they have been working with him for more than one year. The trust of underground colleagues is more than trust. There, at a depth of several kilometers, the foreman is not trusted with a plan, not with production, but with human lives. He is responsible for them to the families who are waiting for their loved ones at home.

- The brigade is the second family. My guys are all strong, reliable. Although we are from different cities, but the team has developed a very close and trusting

relationship. We always help and support each other, — Igor Vladimirovich warmly tells about colleagues.

Igor is not only an advanced worker in production, but also an exemplary family man. He has a lot of homework: to repair the crane, to fix where something breaks, to take a walk with his daughter. Igor spends a long mining vacation - 54 days - traveling with his family, has visited many corners of Kazakhstan. But in the main city of our country — Nur-Sultan, it has not happened yet. He hopes that this dream will come true soon, and he will be able to visit this beautiful young city.

- I really love my job and I love my city. I was born and raised here, I know every stone and corner. This is my city, and I don't want to leave here. Here is my home, my friends, my work and an amazing lake - our conversation with the labor hero Igor Gostevskikh ended on such a strong, sensual note.

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