14 Sep 2021

Work on the Aidarly site continues

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Kazakhmys Barlau is actively conducting geological exploration at the Aidarly site in the East Kazakhstan region. Pavel Nitsenko, the chief geologist of Kazakhmys Barlau, visited there together with representatives of SRK Consulting in order to monitor the work and discuss current working issues.

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Drilling operations for network thickening and geological support are carried out at the site. In total, drilling of about 37 thousand cubic meters is planned by the end of this year. To date, drilling is carried out by 8 drilling units.

Two field camps work here. During the visit, the geologists examined the core from the wells that are in the process of drilling. Discussed the commissioning of the Aidarly field, and next year the company plans to submit a report on the feasibility studies of the conditions.

The company's chief geologist Pavel Nitsenko noted: "The Aidarly field is actually prepared for the stage of operational exploration and development, now we are drilling through a detailed network. Mining, technological and economic issues of future development are being solved.

At the same time, the area around the Aidardly deposit is poorly studied in terms of prospecting, so we have developed a program of comprehensive geological and geophysical study based on the available geological materials of the predecessors with the use of modern geophysical and geological exploration technologies and methods of complex interpretation."

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