16 Sep 2021

With great optimism and a smile

Staff Company today

This is exactly how the driver of the conveyor of the crushing shop of the Balkhash processing plant Lyubov Vladimirovna Khazova goes through life. She does everything with a positive attitude and a smile. Maybe that's why any undertaking with her ends with success?

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She was born and raised in Balkhash. Since childhood, she knew perfectly well that there is a large, mysterious mining and metallurgical plant in the city.

“When I was already in high school, I perceived everything more meaningfully. I knew for sure that our mining and metallurgical plant is a stable and successful enterprise. But I started my career with a non-ferrous metal processing plant and only then began working at a processing plant — "says Lyubov Khazova. Since then, about forty years have passed since she continuously works as a conveyor driver in the crushing shop of the Balkhash processing plant of the production association "Balkhashtsvetmet".

When I first got to the workshop, it took my breath away. This is the scale, this is the power! It's one thing to have an abstract idea, and it's quite another to see everything live, " Lyubov Vladimirovna recalls her first working days.

Her mentor then was Irina Ottovna Shmeltse. She introduced our interlocutor to the course of business, showed and told how and what should be done, taught her to comply with the rules of labor protection and industrial safety.

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“Despite the fact that I have been working as a conveyor driver for 40 years, I am still learning something in this difficult but interesting business. You don't have to be bored. Sometimes there are situations that require quick decision-making and the manifestation of ingenuity. But I had good teachers who I could look up to. I am very grateful to them. At that time, the head of the crushing shop was Leonid Ponomarenko — an excellent specialist, demanding, but fair. Masters of their craft Lyudmila Bakhmayer, Evdokia Trofimova, Nina Syshchikova, Galina Ishmametova, Zinaida Vizneeva, brothers Ilya and Gaziz Dzhumanbayev also worked with me. We are still working with Nikolai Shchukin. And Gaziz Mukhtarov has passed all the stages of professional skill at the enterprise and is now the director of our processing plant. The factory is large, the economy is restless. We process ore that comes from the mines "Sayak", "Shatyrkul", "Nurkazgan", "Akzhal", — Lyubov Khazova shares her memories and tells about her working days.

“You will definitely write about our foreman Nursultan Kozyrev. He is young, he is only 34 years old, but he knows his job well, and not only it — the entire technological process of the factory. Clever boy! Just a good boy!” - Lyubov Vladimirovna also added.

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The portrait of Lyubov Khazova as an advanced worker of production adorns the gallery of honor at the entrance of the processing plant, and this year she is presented to the industry award "Enbek danky" of the III degree.

Our heroine does not have a lot of free time, because in addition to work, she pays a lot of attention to her family, especially her granddaughter Zlata. She loves to cook dumplings and pancakes. And the rest for the soul of Lyubov Vladimirovna is knitting and dacha. And as she herself says, communication with the earth is an indescribable pleasure.

“In general, I am an optimist in life and firmly believe that you should never be discouraged. With a smile on your face, any case is disputed, any issue is solved, " Lyubov Khazova shared her thoughts.



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