09 Sep 2021



Thanks to the commissioning of new deposits of the Kazakhmys Corporation, it was possible to increase the volume of ore production. One of these new deposits is the Zhylandy mine. This is a young mine, and, by the way, this year it is celebrating its first anniversary — the 5th anniversary of its opening.

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The tunneling team of Nurzhan Dzhanov is quite small by the standards of a mining enterprise, it employs 9 people: Murat Mazhirov, Bauyrzhan Tokseitov, Daniyar Yerezhep, Marat Shakhmuratov, Almas Smagulov, Kanat Orynbayev, Shyngys Maylin, Yerlan Oshybayev. Despite the small composition, the team performs its functional duties 100 %.

Sinkers are a special caste. In our profession, we need great responsibility, discipline and the ability to work in a team. All the skills that the sinkers have received in theory, they must demonstrate in practice. The work of a sinker requires the utmost concentration of attention — everything is important here, because the activity of an entire enterprise depends on a seemingly insignificant detail, foreman Dzhanov introduces us to the course of business.

After graduating from the Satpayev Technological College with a degree in Drilling Rig Operator, Nurzhan worked at mine No. 65. Then he worked as an assistant driller, in 2005 he transferred to the West-Zhezkazgan mine as a driller. After the opening of the Zhylandinsky mine in 2017, a young promising employee was offered a job at a new mine. It was not necessary to get used to a new place of work for a long time — the team was extremely friendly and open.

- We pay special attention to two important areas in production: in addition to the current work, the management pays great attention to the organization of the functioning of the industrial safety management system and the safety of each employee at the workplace, - Nurzhan Dzhanov emphasizes in the conversation. - All employees of the mine strictly observe safety regulations. Before descending into the mine, each employee is instructed on safety precautions, and besides, all sites are equipped with special stands in order to once again remind about the danger at work. On the eve of the professional holiday, we congratulate all the miners, we wish them good health, family well-being, a strong roof and success in their hard, but so necessary work!

As a hobby and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the team's employees participate in sports inter-shop events. The brigade's favorite sports are football, basketball.

At home, after a hard day, Nurzhan's family is waiting for him: the wife Malika Zhumasheva and two sons, the successors of the family-Eldar and Alashakhan. Previously, his wife was also employed in production, she worked with him at Zhylandy. A strong and reliable rear is important for a miner, only then there

is a feeling of complete confidence in the future. The most important dream of our hero is to raise children as worthy citizens of their country.

Today, the mine is a cohesive and highly qualified team with a huge potential and a reserve for the future. The Zhylandy mine, despite all its youth, is considered one of the most promising. We wish good luck and labor success to all the miners of the mine!

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