22 Oct 2021

Three vectors of "Kazakhmys". What changes the pandemic has made to the work and development of the corporation

Current activity Production modernization

Kazakhmys Group intends to increase the mineral resource base, introduce automation of production, increase the potential of personnel and the population in the regions of its presence. This was announced at the 11th International Mining and Metallurgical Congress "Astana Mining & Metallurgy" by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP Andrey Gaydin, reports Inbusuness.kz.

In the context of the covid pandemic, the Corporation pays special attention to the preservation of personnel and the state of health of employees.

We were able to mobilize and realize our goals.For any company, people are the main assets – people and their health are important. During the difficult period of the covid pandemic, the company worked a lot in this direction. We managed to keep a team of 37 thousand employees. We have invested a lot of money in providing medical equipment and medicines

Andrey Gaydin,  Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

To date, the company intends to create a hotline where employees in case of coronavirus infection will be able to file complaints about their well-being and receive consultations and treatment.

As for the development of personnel and population in the regions of our presence, we have studied the current situation in detail. Together with the Akimat of the Karaganda region, we have developed a program for the sustainable development of Zhezkazgan, Satpayev and Balkhash for 2020-2025. This program includes three areas: economic development, improving the level of social services and improving infrastructure

Andrey Gaydin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

Nikolay Radostovets, Executive Director of the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises, noted the high level of social responsibility practiced in the company.

Kazakhmys, I must admit, well done. They have reoriented themselves into a pandemic. Under the leadership of Eduard Ogay, they were able to reduce costs, be more efficient, and unite their labor collectives. In many respects, they began to occupy leading positions in the industry. Many enterprises began to look up to them both on social issues and on approaches to the development of regions

Nikolay Radostovets, Executive Director of the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises

Despite the economic downturn provoked by the unfavorable epidemiological situation, copper remains in demand on world markets. In general, the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan has the potential to increase the production and processing of metals, as well as exports, the speaker noted.

Earlier, the head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his message noted the low geological study in Kazakhstan. In this direction, in his opinion, it is necessary to improve mineral detection technologies and increase investments in this industry.

Kazakhmys Corporation LLP has identified three main development vectors:

  • investments in geological exploration;
  • introduction of information technologies at enterprises;
  • development of personnel.

As for the search for new deposits, the company is strengthening geological exploration work. Today, the basis of the mineral resource base consists of deposits at the Karaganda, Balkhash and Zhezkazgan industrial sites. At the beginning of the year, the reserves of commodity ore of Kazakhmys Corporation amount to 975 million tons, or about 8 million tons of copper.

We have now set a task - to give geological exploration a new impetus. Therefore, in order to increase our mineral resource base, we have created our own exploration company. It is currently implementing 14 investment projects with an expected increase in copper reserves - plus 10 million tons by 2025

Andrey Gaydin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

The company's priority projects for the near future are related to the expansion of production. So, it is expected to put into operation new mines – Zhaysan and Hajikongan. This will increase the volume of production by more than 1.5 times. Also, the construction of the Zhylandinsky mine with a production volume of about 8 million tons is currently underway.

But it is not advisable to mine ore without processing, so we are upgrading our processing facilities and building new factories. At the Shubarkol-Zaisan cluster, we will build a new processing plant for 1.5 million tons of ore. We will build a new factory with a processing capacity of 23 million tons at the Zhezkazgan site. Accordingly, we will also modernize the Nurkazgan factory with an increase in production volumes at the Nurkazgan mine to 6.5 million tons of ore

Andrey Gaydin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

A special place is given to the comprehensive study of the Dzhezkazgan ore district. According to experts, its potential is very high. Preliminary studies give grounds to talk about the replenishment of mineral resources at the expense of about 60 million tons of ore.

As for automation, without which, in our understanding, it is impossible to move. Over the past 3-4 years, we have implemented several important technical solutions to facilitate the control of the production process. Improving the efficiency of production control primarily concerns the safety of our employees. In general, the introduction of an automation system within the framework of technological re-equipment will also contribute to improving our competitiveness

Andrey Gaydin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

Reference: Kazakhmys is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan, an international company for the extraction and processing of natural resources. The company conducts prospecting, exploration, extraction, enrichment, processing and export of copper and other minerals. It also produces gold and silver bullion, sulfuric acid, selenium and copper telluride, lead dust.

Sayan Abayev

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