19 Aug 2021


Occupational safety Current activity

The simplicity and accessibility of documents is the key to their execution. When there are a lot of standards in the company, and they are complex, it is difficult for employees to work on them and formalism appears.

Kazakhmys Holding currently has almost 90 documents on industrial safety and labor protection. These are standards, regulations, procedures, instructions, employee work regulations, technological regulations. In addition to the documents themselves, there are a large number of reporting forms. These reports are collected at enterprises and processed in the Holding, significantly loading production specialists and departments of industrial safety and labor protection.

To correct this situation, a working group of specialists from the Department of Occupational Safety and labor protection and the Department of Development was created. The group should analyze all the documentation and optimize it: eliminate something, combine something, and develop something. In addition, the group faces the task of significantly reducing reporting in the field of industrial safety and labor protection. The working group is assisted in this by specialists of a consulting firm with extensive experience in solving such problems.

As a result of this work, it is expected that the company will have a modern structure of the industrial safety and labor protection management system, standards for key safety processes will be simplified. Employees will spend less time on reporting and will be able to devote more time to workplace safety. The confirmation of the correctness of the chosen direction will be the certification of one of the company's enterprises according to the international safety standard ISO 45001:2018

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Новости по теме

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