02 Sep 2021

Portraits of Kanysh Satpayev and Elon Musk appeared on the buildings of the plant in Karaganda

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Two new examples of monumental painting have appeared in the mining capital. Both of them adorn the walls of the buildings of one of the oldest factories in Karaganda – the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant.

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This year, the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant celebrates its eightieth anniversary. It was by this significant date, among other festive events, that the management of the enterprise and the Kazakhmys group of companies, which includes the plant, planned to create two murals on the territory of the birthday enterprise.

- The walls of two buildings of the plant, facing the entrance, were decorated with two murals, - said the head of the production of metal structures Ulan Abekov. – Both of them carry a great philosophy. The first mural consists of two parts. One of them has a portrait on it our compatriot Kanysh Satpayev, on the second – an American engineer, entrepreneur Elon Musk. It would seem that what do they have in common? But if you think about it, it becomes clear that the father of Kazakhstan metallurgy Kanysh Satpayev embodies the history of the plant – from repair shops to the most complex foundry and machine-building production. And Elon Musk is the fantastic future that the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant is striving for.

Ulan Yerlanovich cited a historical fact: in 1947, together with other scientists, Kanysh Satpayev visited England. In one large museum, he saw a copper nugget the size of a horse's head, which was presented as "ore from an African deposit". Kanysh Imantayevich immediately realized that this exhibit was not from Africa at all, but... from Zhezkazgan, but he did not argue with the museum employees. Having asked for a magnifying glass, he carefully studied the nugget. After seeing the traces of fine-grained sandstones, which occur only in the steppe zone, he said: "It was brought from the Kazakh steppes." The next day, the museum staff apologized for the mistake. And when, as a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Kanysh Satpayev met with Winston Churchill in London, the following dialogue took place between them. Churchill asked: "Are other Kazakhs also as tall?" To which the academician replied: "I am probably the smallest among the Kazakhs! My people are above me."

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- It is this statement of the great Kazakh scientist that adorns the first mural, - Ulan Abekov explains. - It contains Kuanish's philosophy of life. And for us, the new generations of Kazakhstanis, it is an example of how to love your homeland and selflessly serve it. The hero of the second part of the murals, Elon Musk, belongs to a rare number of dreamers who can make dreams come true and bring the future closer.

- The ideas of Elon Musk seem crazy, but time after time he turns out to be right, it's just that society does not keep up with the course of his thoughts, - Ulan Abekov argues. – His statement: "I like to participate in projects that change the world" makes all mankind hold their fists for him and believe that everything will work out for him. Elon Musk is a living personification of the technological future, the progress that our plant is striving for.

The second mural, made in the technique of "pop art", according to Ulan Abekov, is the final part of the first, because it carries a deep meaning: no idea can live without its implementation with the help of specialists: those workers on whose strong shoulders, skills, knowledge and experience the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant is based.

The author Muratov-artist Chingiz Kasimov was satisfied with his work.

- This order was very interesting for me, - he said. - Firstly, the fact that I learned a lot about the history of my native city. Before starting work, I read a lot about the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant. I learned, for example, that this plant has never stopped production for a day in its history. Then followed a long process of approving the sketches – because they were timed to the anniversary date, and it was important to create something special, deeply philosophical, on the one hand, and very understandable, "native" – on the other.

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According to the artist, the direct implementation of the project took much less time. His team of artists managed it in two weeks.

- Such record-breaking short terms were determined by the fact that the plant created all the necessary conditions for our people: they organized a tower, delivery of paints, etc. And although the work was not without difficulties – for example, to find the right perspective, since the structure of the brick "cut" and created a mosaic structure, the team of artists coped with "5".

According to Chingiz, he considers the admiring reviews of KLMZ workers to be the main measure of the success of his team's work.

This is the philosophy of production - in paints, - summed up the chairman of the board of the plant Zhanibek Baigabelov.

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