26 Nov 2021

Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant is an enterprise with a history

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This year marks the 80th anniversary of the largest enterprise in Kazakhstan - the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant. Over the years, the plant has achieved the status of the flagship of the country's engineering industry: today it produces more than 7 thousand products and employs more than 800 people.

History of the plant

The birthday of the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant is considered to be March 21, 1941. On that day, a repair and rolling base was organized on the basis of mechanical workshops. The first director of the enterprise was Alexander Dmitrievich Tskhai, under whose leadership the industrial facility began to gain serious momentum. This process was not stopped even by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

During the Great Patriotic War, a foundry was built in the repair and rolling base, a coke oven was erected, two three-ton cupolas were installed, the first batch of cast iron was produced. The workshop provides for the needs of Karaganda, Balkhash, Dzhezkazgan, monthly producing 150 - 200 tons of various castings. At the same time, mechanical, assembly, electrical workshops are being opened. There is a canteen and a shop for workers.

The post-war years are no less saturated: the assembly shop of the repair and rolling base makes major repairs of mining and construction equipment, a mechanical repair plant is being created on the basis of the enterprise, a metalwork workshop is being built, and a large group of specialists joins the team: electric welders, locksmiths, turners, engineers and technicians, a non-ferrous casting site is being organized.

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In 1956 , the plant was renamed the Karaganda Machine - Building Plant No.2. New technological processes are being mastered here, and the enterprise becomes the only one in the country where the equipment and tools necessary for sinking in the mines of the Kazakh SSR are produced.

And so year after year until the beginning of the 90s - buses and electric cars are produced at the plant, an oxygen shop is being built, serial production of construction cranes and agricultural machinery is being established. On the basis of the Karaganda Machine - building Plant No.2. and Central electromechanical workshops a plant for the repair of mining equipment is being created, an automated production management system is being introduced, and much more. However, the collapse of the USSR and economic chaos affected the life of production – the enterprise turned out to be unclaimed, and people began to migrate en masse.

Revival of the plant

In October 1999, Kazakhmys ordered the company, which was on the verge of extinction, to manufacture equipment and spare parts. And it became, in a sense, a lifeline for the plant. A year later, plant became part of a large company. This is how the transformation of the facility into the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant began.

Kazakhmys was faced with the task of reviving the plant's production and making it an industry leader. The main activities of the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant were outlined: participation in the construction of large industrial facilities of the holding, organization of capital repairs of high-performance imported mining equipment, commissioning of self-propelled mining equipment, manufacture of special and non-standard equipment for processing plants and copper smelters, fulfillment of other orders of Kazakhmys enterprises.

In the first ten years as part of the company, in accordance with the republican program of accelerated industrial and innovative development, factory workers increasingly profiled on the production of auxiliary self-propelled mining equipment and began to produce new equipment.

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In 2010, the plant started manufacturing the KazBelAZ automobile, in parallel, the production of cranes with various lifting capacities was expanded, the production of conveyors, complex equipment for the processing plant and a 16-chamber flotation machine was mastered. So, Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant began to assert itself confidently in the market.

An important factor was the emphasis on the quality of products. In addition to solving priority tasks, issues of improving the level of labor organization and staff qualifications were not ignored. The industrial base was updated: during 2007-2010, the company allocated more than $ 6 million for the purchase of equipment for Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant. The plant increased production volumes, expanded the range of products and improved the quality of product processing.

Thus, only from 2010 to 2021, the company achieved significant indicators: during this period, about 75 thousand tons of products worth over 59 billion tenge were produced.

Karaganda Foundry and Machine-Building Plant today

From a small base, the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant has grown into a huge enterprise, the territory of which occupies 48 hectares. There are 14 workshops and sites, an engineering building, a metrological service and a production laboratory, an administrative building, a medical center, a canteen, a sports complex, warehouses.

Today it is a system whose team is constantly in search of new technical solutions, personnel approaches and new business relationships. The company is continuously developing, introducing innovative technologies, automating production.

The range of products manufactured by the plant includes more than 7 thousand items. The main consumers are mining, metallurgical and processing industry enterprises not only from Kazakhstan, but also from foreign countries. The plant produces lifting and self-propelled machines, equipment for the construction and operation of mine shafts, pumps for the mine drainage system, various types of fastening of mine workings, equipment for ore transportation, processing equipment, construction metal structures, products for railway rolling stock, energy and oil industries, etc. Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant has long been synonymous with quality and reliability in various fields of industry.

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The plant employs more than 800 people, 724 of whom are production staff. Every year, employees undergo mandatory training and improve their qualifications. In addition, as part of the modernization of production, training programs for representatives of certain specialties were developed jointly with foreign companies.

By the way, even in difficult times of the pandemic, Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant continues to flourish. So, during this period, the plant not only did not suspend work, but also mastered the production of new types of products for itself.

The plans for the future here are no less ambitious: to occupy its niche in the production of large-sized high-quality casting in the market of Kazakhstan. There are goals for the development of the Zhezkazgan Foundry and Mechanical Plant and the Balkhash Repair and Mechanical Plant. As for investments, next year it is planned to attract $ 2.1 million to launch a 3-ton furnace.

"Of course, at the time of the plant's creation, its first employees could not even think about the achievements that we can proudly talk about today. The company is developing, the volume of sales of products is constantly growing. In 2020, the Karaganda Foundry and Machine-building Plant "Maker" LLP increased the sale of products to third-party customers by 10.5 times. Also, in 2020, an increase in production volumes was recorded by 35% in monetary terms and by 52% in physical terms.

A significant breakthrough in 2021 was the conclusion of contracts worth over 1.5 billion tenge with the largest enterprises of Kazakhstan. At the same time, the company is constantly expanding the geography of supplies, selling products to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan," the company notes.

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