31 Aug 2021

From a worker to an honorary production worker

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The head of the production department of the Nurkazgan mine of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Nurmagambetov Kairatbek Tlegenovich, was awarded the departmental award "Kenshi danky" of the I degree. The production worker will receive an honorary badge on the eve of the professional holiday "Miner's Day".

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Nurmagambetov Kairatbek Tulegenovich has been working in production for 36 years. After graduating from the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute in 1985 with a degree in Mining Engineer-mine builder, the man got a job at the Zhezkazgan mining trust. In different years, he worked at the Zhomart mine, held the position of production director in "Karagandatsvetmet", where he supervised mines and quarries. Since 2009, Kairatbek Nurmagambetov has been actively involved in the construction and launch of the Nurkazgan mine, where he still works as the head of the production department.

A lot has changed over the years. When we launched the Nurkazgan mine in 2009, we built the main conveyor No. 1, it went to the 275 horizon and there was also the first precinct conveyor. After that, in 2013, we carried out reconstruction, built an additional drive on the main conveyor No. 1 in connection with the extension, and we transported the crushers and mounted them on the 185 horizon. In 2017, we moved from 185 to 100 horizon. Now we have moved to the zero horizon.

Kairatbek Nurmagambetov

For many years of impeccable work, Kairatbek Nurmagambetov was twice assigned to the award" Kenshi danki " of the III and II degrees. This departmental badge is issued for merits in the mining industry and mine construction. In the same year, on the Day of the Miner, the production worker will be awarded a badge of the first degree. Thus, Kairatbek Nurmagambetov will become a full Cavalier of "Kenshi danky". According to the miner, he is happy with this award and thanks his colleagues and management for their trust. The man is sure that a good working team helped him to achieve success in his work in many ways.

The team of the Nurkazgan mine is a fighting team. We are faced with tasks that we always perform. We are very lucky with our leadership. They understand us and support us. New equipment is constantly coming, production is being modernized. We are not standing in one place.

Kairatbek Nurmagambetov

Kairatbek Tlegenovich has also achieved great success in the family field. He and his wife raised two children, has 4 grandchildren. A man devotes all his free time to his family.

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He values his employee and the management of the mine. According to the director of Nurkazgan Ungitbayev Mukan Zhalgasuly, responsible employees should always be encouraged and supported. After all, this is not only an assessment of the merits of an employee, but a good example for young professionals.

He is a top-level professional, knows his job perfectly, both the mining and mechanical part. He knows the Nurkazgan mine from beginning to end. All the lines that we had in the mine were passed and launched under the strict guidance of Kairatbek Tlegenovich. We are lucky that we have such a specialist: experienced, reliable, responsible. Kazakhmys and all our enterprises rely on such specialists, " said Mukan Zhalgasuly, director of the Nurkazgan Ungitbayev mine.

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