30 Dec 2021

Congratulations from the Director of Fuel and Energy Complex Management

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Dear employees of the Fuel and Energy Complex, colleagues!

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I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday - Energy Day and New Year!

The energy industry is rightfully considered one of the most vital and complicated. The modern energy complex is the key to the development of the regional economy, increasing the investment attractiveness and social well-being of our citizens. The stable work of Kazakhmys Corporation enterprises, industrial companies, social facilities, and certainly comfortable living conditions of people in the regions directly depends on the daily work of power engineers.

Dear power engineers! Your professionalism, knowledge and constant striving to achieve high efficiency in work contribute to the successful solution of production tasks. At any time of the year, in any weather conditions and extreme situations, you are ready to act smoothly and promptly, providing comfort and coziness in the daily life of every resident.

I wish you trouble-free work in the New Year, successful completion of all your endeavors, success, good health and well-being!

Director of

Fuel and Energy Complex Management


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