07 Oct 2021

Andrey Gaidin acquainted with the progress of work at the Kusmuryn-Akbastau mine

Current activity

On September 28 of this year, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Andrey Pavlovich Gaidin, together with the Technical Directorate visited the Kusmuryn-Akbastau mine to get acquainted with the current performance indicators and consider the prospects for the development of exploration and mining operations of the mine.

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The management visited all mining chambers of horizons 710m and 690m, assessed the quality of fastening and mine roads of mine workings. A meeting was held with specialists and workers, the conditions of living in the shift camp and food provision were examined.

During the visit, Andrey Pavlovich got acquainted with the work of new mining equipment, which was purchased from the Swedish manufacturer Sandvik. In 2021, in order to meet the planned production volumes, funds were invested in the underground mine for the purchase of mining equipment:

-       Monomatik Sandvik DD311 for drilling holes during horizontal sinking of preparatory workings;

-       Solo Sandvik DL 321 for drilling fan wells of production chambers;

-       Sandvik TN320 dump trucks for rolling back the exploded rock mass from the mine to ore and rock dumps;

-       Sandvik LH307 loaders for loading rock mass onto dump trucks.

The advantage of this equipment is efficiency and high power, proven by long-term practice of application in the underground enterprises of the Corporation, as well as ease of maintenance.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board noted the high potential of the Akbastau field: "Today, the prospects for the development and development of the reserves of the Akbastau deposit are distributed until 2035, taking into account the annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of ore. And this is not the full potential of the reserves of this field, which requires additional exploration of the field to depths below the 550 mark."

Note: The Kusmuryn-Akbastau mine is located in the Ayagoz district of the East Kazakhstan region, is part of the production association "Karagandatsvetmet". In the period from 2007 to 2018, mining operations at the field were carried out in an open way up to the 615m mark, but due to the instability of the sides, in 2019, the transition to underground mining was carried out. The mine's operating mode is shift. The number of staff is 180 people.

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