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25 March 2021 Rehabilitation

Kazakhmys Corporation helps children with disabilities to find a world without borders with its new social project.


When all the attempts of the parents to attract the attention of the baby with a voice and a toy, so that he at least raised his head, were unsuccessful, they began to sound the alarm. The doctors confirmed their fears: the child has a congenital defect. And now every day you have to fight for him to start sitting, getting up, walking. A course of special rehabilitation was urgently needed. Expensive, as it turned out, the parents do not have that kind of money, but they were ready to do anything to help their child get back on his feet. And help came. On June 1, 2020, there was hope for this baby and 288 more disabled children for systemic rehabilitation in the children's department of the Zhezkazgan Medical Center LLP.



When in June last year, the management of Kazakhmys Holding decided to conduct rehabilitation and rehabilitation of disabled children from the families of employees living in the cities of the company's presence-Zhezkazgan, Satpayev and Balkhash, – says Vladimir Motorykin, Director of Zhezkazgan Medical Center LLP, - we opened a children's center specializing in the rehabilitation of children with disabilities on the basis of the children's center for the implementation of this program. We started with 20 rehabilitation beds. So far, we only accept children of employees of the corporation, but over time, children with disabilities will be treated here, regardless of where their parents work.

Our goal is to create the best children's rehabilitation center in Kazakhstan. This is all the more significant, with an eye to tomorrow, because the problem of providing such specialized care is among the most urgent, since, unfortunately, the number of disabled people and the number of children with various developmental disabilities is constantly increasing. There are a lot of disabling diseases now: infectious and somatic, nervous system and sensory organs, mental retardation and mental disorders. The question of mental health is very acute, there are more and more children with autism, and now computer addiction has been added, which is recognized as a disease. With its new social project, the corporation translates the idea that children with disabilities are the same full-fledged members of our society, but only more than others who need to create conditions for achieving the same standard of living as their fellow citizens, self-realization, in order to become part of society.

Therefore, to equip our children's rehabilitation center, we purchase new products from the developed rehabilitation industry, innovative technologies, and the most modern computerized equipment. Even today, we use the capabilities of the Bubnovsky Center, the kinesitherapy program for children, and this is our great advantage. The medical center has always had a children's department, and now that the license for rehabilitation inpatient treatment of children has been obtained, especially children are an important part of our activities. For our part, we will do our best to support this initiative of the corporation's management. This is a long-term project, in the future we plan to attract the state rehabilitation potential at the expense of the republican budget to make the comprehensive rehabilitation of every small resident with disabilities in Zhezkazgan and Satpayev as complete as possible. Now parents do not need to take children with disabilities somewhere, they will be helped on the spot.



Moral support


The conditions are wonderful – the mother of a young patient suffering from cerebral palsy answered the question about the satisfaction of parents with the medical care provided to their children. – We have something to compare with, we have been treated since birth, we have visited various clinics - in St. Petersburg, Almaty, Karaganda, Astana, even in Austria, and in a multi-specialty hospital we received treatment. This clinic is the closest to the standards. This is the second time we've been here. Everything that should be there is available, starting with the toilet and shower in the ward. Since our girl is in the ward, we were given the opportunity to eat in the ward, the diet is not bad, we get everything we need. And in terms of rehabilitation-the entire program that we were prescribed by the specialists we visited, including the orthopedist, we have corrected with the rehabilitation specialist of the department, and our individual program is completely satisfied with us. Not every clinic has water massage, hydrogenation, they gave it to us here, we are not allowed electrotherapy, but instead we are provided with other types of treatment. A full range of tests can be passed here, for all hormones, for all biochemicals. In terms of rehabilitation, everything is fine. Example: we took an analysis, it was not normal, and we immediately quickly organized an appointment with specialists, an additional study to clarify the problem. In one day, the entire range of necessary studies was done. All doctors are sympathetic to the fact that the child is special. Here the course is 2-3 weeks. At home, we are in touch with doctors, when something is urgently needed, we call back, there are contacts of all the doctors with whom I interact. Sometimes my daughter starts to limp, I call an orthopedist, sometimes something is wrong with the medications, I consult on taking a new drug, I had to contact an epileptologist recently, and they also found a solution. We need feedback, it is like a constant specialized and moral support, and we have it with the doctors of the medical center.

The father of the baby is also happy with the course of treatment, with the story about which the material begins: the results are there, the son raises his head, holds it, today we are discharged. The family will soon have a second child, so the mother, an employee of the corporation, is waiting for her son at home. And the classes will continue on their own, the instructor showed everything, explained everything, the doctors provided phones to be always in touch.



"Special children" – a special approach


Before our children's rehabilitation department was opened, – Svetlana Kartaeva, Deputy chief physician for the therapeutic profile of the medical center, adds to the story – - Zhezkazgan children with disabilities once a year at the expense of the state order had the right to receive treatment on the basis of a multidisciplinary hospital. But, as a rule, one course of rehabilitation is not enough. Especially for children with cerebral palsy, with mental disabilities. In our region, disabled children with lesions of the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system are prevalent, as well as cases with mental disorders, i.e. autistic children, with somatic problems, i.e. heart defects and other diseases.

One course of rehabilitation treatment can take from 10 to 20 days. Some patients may be indicated for 2-3 courses of rehabilitation per year. The costs of treatment are fully borne by the Kazakhmys Corporation.

Employees should contact the regional social services of the Kazakhmys Corporation, which will keep records, and send documents to the medical center. In turn, the specialists of the medical center, depending on the severity of the disease and the rehabilitation potential of the patient, will make a decision on hospitalization.

Now we are in full swing preparing for re-equipment, new equipment is about to arrive to replace the obsolete one. For example, unique simulators for children with a violation of the musculoskeletal system, which have increased static, - verticalizers that will teach children to stand, walk, orthramods that will automatically adjust the movements of the hands, so that the child has formed the automatism of some movements. Currently, our medical center is carrying out repair work of the department of children's rehabilitation and the hall of physical therapy. Modern equipment will be supplied for retrofitting the physiotherapy room and the children's department. There will be an underwater shower massage, a pearl bath, a phyto barrel, a steam sauna.

We also prepare personnel. Recently, our doctors will leave for training, the head of the children's department Kuralai Mergenbayeva and the defectologist Tatyana Bukanova will train at the national children's rehabilitation center in Astana, at the Shipager rehabilitation center in Karaganda. The staff of the children's department includes units of a speech pathologist, speech therapist, massage therapist and occupational therapist, and a rehabilitologist has been trained in addition to the existing doctors. It is planned to train the entire multidisciplinary team of specialists. If there is a need, we involve the doctors of the polyclinic.

We also treat children on a commercial basis, anyone can bring a child to us.

Taking care of its employees and the population of the cities where the holding companies operate has always been one of the top priorities of the Kazakhmys management. Kazakhmys, being a socially-oriented company, provides significant social support to employees belonging to socially vulnerable segments of the population, including low-income and large families. This initiative of "Kazakhmys" is a continuation of measures for the development of the social sphere of society and is aimed this time at social and moral support for families raising children with special needs.



Photo by Polina KUZNETSOVA.


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Zhezkazgan site
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