We develop employee potential

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“The success of Kazakhmys Corporation was, is and will always be dependent upon the success of each and every of our employees, without any exception”

Kazakhmys Group’s top priorities are provision with highly qualified personnel, high corporate culture and social responsibility.

Effective management of a company is impossible without creating an atmosphere where all employees are motivated to achieve a common goal. Despite widespread job cuts in a number of industries, Kazakhmys adheres to the policy that the human capital is the main value of the Company and actively promotes programs to retain employees. Currently, the total number of Kazakhmys Group employees is about 37,000 people.

Training experts

As part of the Personnel Management Strategy approved in 2014, Kazakhmys has invested a large amount of resources in improving HR processes to bring them in line with global practices and standards, thereby enhancing the Company value.

However, there are still open issues of training and recruiting highly qualified employees, as well as creating conditions for their effective work. These are the key factors of Personnel Development Strategy for 2021-2026 which is currently under development.

Nowadays, vocational training and personnel development are crucial for a safe and efficient production process. As part of the mandatory training, Kazakhmys Group employees undergo annual training and knowledge testing in industrial and fire safety, health and safety, electrical safety and other types of prescribed training.

For this purpose, Training and retraining centers for employees operate in Zhezkazgan and Balkhash at Kazakhmys corporate colleges. Kazakhmys College of Technology (Satpayev) offers 44 courses and vocational professions and Kazakhmys Polytechnic College (Balkhash) teaches 30 types of jobs. The corporate colleges implement a dual education system and possess modern facilities and experienced teaching staff, and also provide training of professionals with secondary vocational education to meet the Company’s demand in workforce.

Training managers

In order to train highly qualified managerial and engineering staff, Kazakhmys implements a structured process aimed at development and management of talent pools in the Company’s business units. Employees for vacant key positions are appointed first and foremost from the current approved personnel reserve. Individual development plans are developed for the members of the medium and long-term personnel reserves; as soon as these plans are implemented, the members are transferred to the immediate personnel reserve.

Social support for employees

The Company carries out a wide range of socio-economic measures aimed at social support of the employees which include the targeted social support program for low-income employees, the housing provision for multi-member families with low incomes, the provision of rent-free (company-owned) apartments to the employees and other financial support as per the Collective Labor Contract and Internal Acts which ensure stable staff morale within labor groups.

Main targets

The remuneration system in Kazakhmys Group is based on principles of fair remuneration for labor, implementation of HR policy aimed developing qualified personnel’s potential and their commitment to the Company, consistent increase of labor productivity and product quality, economic stability of production units, labor management and performance improvement incentives based on the results of operating activities and compliance with HSE requirements.

The minimum monthly pay is established under the Republic of Kazakhstan labor laws. Nevertheless, Kazakhmys Group salaries exceed the minimum wage and minimum subsistence level established in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

One of the main targets of programs and projects implemented by the Company is continuous improvement and perfection of the Company’s image. In particular, Kazakhmys implements large projects to support its employees in various social programs which undoubtedly contribute to employees’ commitment. In the period of January-March 2021, Kazakhmys Group surveyed the level of employees’ commitment. The research findings enabled to elaborate a series of further measures aimed to improve the corporate culture.

Thus, the ongoing systematic and multifaceted efforts will help bringing Kazakhmys to a new level.